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Role: Product Designer (iOS application)
responsible for Research, Design System Creation, Ideation, Testing, Delivery.


There are so many content creators that it can be hard to meet others without getting lost in someone’s comments or DMs. Because of this, it can be difficult to solidify brand partnerships or set up collaborations with creators that have a similar following to your’s. This is where Hatch comes in.

Hatch is an application built to bring content creators together. Creators are able to search for people with similar interests, particular levels of engagement, and certain follower counts to find others to collaborate with. Utilizing ML techniques, Hatch is able to learn what the user is targeting and can make recommendations for creators and collaborations based on what the user has matched with or disliked previously.


While I was involved in a little bit of testing after ideation, most of my focus during this project was research and UI design. I would have liked to have more time to experiment in dashboard design to show the engagement stats and allow the user to compare metrics amongst multiple creators. 

I worked closely with engineering to ensure feasibility of the design and ensure we were meeting deadlines. Engineering suggested changes to use existing components from a design system we were building off of. 

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